The Moving Decade
RELEASED: January 2016
The Moving Decade by Bean Friend, 59 minutes, 2016

The Moving Decade is a haunting yet hopeful ambient piano album performed and recorded in Silo City, a collection of non-operational cement grain silos located on the banks of the Buffalo River in Buffalo, NY. Each of the songs in this album were recorded in a single take, utilizing a handful of strategically placed microphones and one upright piano, placed deep within the belly of the silos. The silos act not only as an echo chamber, reverberating the emotive qualities of Bean Friend’s piano compositions, but also act as a mouth piece for the sounds of their surrounding external environment. Discerning listeners will be able to pick out the chirps of a distant cricket, the splash of water draining through the dilapidated silo’s ceiling and the crack of active hammers and nails; a reminder of the dynamic forces necessary for the rejuvenation of this historic rust-belt site.

Owned and operated by Rick Smith, Silo City has become a beacon of the revitalization of abandoned industrial sites along the Buffalo River. Through the efforts of artists, designers, environmentalists and discerning patrons, Silo City has begun its long awaited climb from abandoned degradation to refreshed post-industrial creative community site.

With this album, Bean Friend seeks to add his musical perspective to the history and optimistic future of this unique location, as well as to the culture and wonder that is Buffalo, NY.